Born and raised in Ecuador, Karen Freire moved to the US at the age of 14. While studying music at McNally Smith in St. Paul, MN, she met musically kindred spirits with whom she created the pop band Buffalo Moon. Over four years, the group toured the US and South America, and released three full length LPs—Wetsuit (Self-released, 2010), Selva Surreal (Moonglyph, 2011), and Machista (Self-released, 2014)—as well as a 7", Black Magic/Low Tide Moon (Moonglyph, 2010). In 2014, Karen moved to New York, where she began playing electronic music while discovering her own unique sound as a solo artist. Her new solo project, Kablito, fuses pop, electronic, reggaeton, and 90s R&B—with Spanish lyrics. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, where she is putting the finishing touches on the first Kablito EP, whose themes of fervid, love-and-thunder romance call to mind a Spanish Telenovela. 


Karen Freire 


Photographer: Harry Eelman